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Why would you buy a NoLoss throttle is a good question. And the answer is easy. POWER. A bottom to top power increase of 10-15%. Nothing else can do that. Other things may offer nice increases, but not that much of a gain from 3000-13000 rpm, with no increase in sound and no extra fuel needed. A modified or even a bored out stock throttle body with a butterfly can't come close. A 40mm Noloss throttle body is equivalent in mass air flow to a 45mm butterfly body but the NoLoss has much higher air velocity. This is what really fills the engine in an instant and gives you bottom to top acceleration like no other single, or many times multiple modifications can.

1. New patent pending air valve just pivots out of the throat, leaving you with an unobstructed, wide open 40mm throat. This jams the cylinder full of more air and at a higher velocity than any throttle body with a butterfly valve could.

2. The new air valve pivots on bearings, providing a frictionless feel to the throttle, even under high vacuum situations.

3. There is a separate idle control circuit now which the stock one doesn't have. You can change your idle speed without affecting your TPS setting.

4. The voltage source and meter, along with the correct TPS voltage numbers come as part of the package, for easy TPS transfer to the new body.

5. There is no ecu re-mapping needed. You can if you want or have a programmer, but you don't have to do it.

Mainly your razor just gets up and goes; now. At all throttle openings. Bottom end throttle control is still very drivable and smooth, like a golf cart, but after about 1/8 throttle, it accelerates much quicker than stock. Top end speed isn't increased, but the time it takes to get there sure goes down.

It's more effective than a pipe and you haven't added the noise. You can reprogram with a bit more fuel added for even more of a gain from 1/8 to 1/2 throttle. The bolt on performance is easy.

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